421 Northwood Road  west Palm Beach FL 33407



RGG  RED GYPSY GALLERY does not cater food but we can put you in touch with local caterers or local restaurant that we have had good experience with in the past.

RRG Gallery is offered for rentals.  RGG Art Gallery is approximately 1,100 square feet and located in the old 
 and very nice  Northwood. The  gallery is all news ( 2017 )  and ready to receive your guest and collector's 
 the gallery have AC – refrigerator - Ice machine - "cimaise" for painting without whole in the wall, and cube for sculptures if needed.  
 Wi-Fi - The gallery have all white walls and polish floor. LED  spotlights and much more as included
 2 Private parking, and space in the back for truck access .

Artist, are you Looking for an art exhibition space, or a gallery to rent in FLORIDA USA ?  
Don't make the mistake to rent a place where no one will come to your show! You want to be famous and do right! 
To rent is easy  
1/ you can at this time rent this beautiful fine art gallery weekly, or monthly. *(Price depend on the season) 
 2/ This new spaces is ready to make your reception / Show  private, or public exhibitions. Art Show as, personal or group.
 3/ LOCATION: Trendy original 1940 building is located on the busy street ( historic old Northwood district ) where galleries -  Antique - designer and decorator are present multi good               restaurant and life night.  
4/ The gallery space in West Palm Beach is the most and certainly one of the most efficient, all ready to do your exhibition.  
5/ Don’t hesitate to contact us by email or by phone (French- English). You can share the gallery with other artists (and share the cost )
If you want...  Sculpture is welcome and stands are in place too. Please feel free to contact me for more information. We are friendly, and professional with over 35 years of understanding.


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